Encourage – give support, confidence, or hope to (someone).

I love encouragers! If you have someone close to you in your life that is an encourager, be thankful. Just yesterday I was thinking about the people who have had the biggest impact on my life. One common thread through each person is that they have encouraged me in some way. They have supported me, shown confidence in me, and given me hope for a brighter future. These people are invaluable in my life. Just thinking about these people gives me a renewed sense of energy and passion for life.

If you want to grow as an encourager focus on these 3 things:


Take time to be present and listen to not only the words the person across from you is saying, but also listen to their heart. You may have heard it said, “the reason God gave us two ears and one mouth is so that we will listen twice as much as we speak”. Take time to listen to your loved ones, friends, colleagues, and even the grocery store clerk who is scanning your items. You might just find an opportunity to encourage them.


If you are anything like me, every once in awhile you just need to hear someone say “you can do it”. Tell people you believe in them. Tell them they can do it and they have what it takes. The more their confidence grows in themselves the more they will accomplish.


Give people an expectation that their dream can and will happen if they continue to work hard and persevere. It can happen. It will happen. I believe in you. As the Apostle Paul said many years ago, “hope does not disappoint”.

Be an encourager to someone today. Listen, build someone’s confidence, be a giver of hope. You will make someone’s day and you can be the one who brings a renewed sense of energy and passion to another person’s life.

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